Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another 4th of July

The parade:
We started out the morning by parking ourselves on the side of a usually-busy street. As we anxiously waited for something to happen we were entertained by a pair of helicopters which went up and down the parade route. The big one would occasionally hover right above us. This was simultaneously scary and wonderful. It was hovering very low. The rotors gave us the most fantastic, strong, cooling wind (it was a sweaty day), but it was so low I couldn't help playing out the worst-case scenario in my head and trying to figure out if we'd have time to grab all of our children and fling them to safety if the huge whilrlybird should suddenly drop from the sky.
We enjoyed an endless stream of slow-moving trucks often pulling boats full of elected officials, church congregation members, business owners, swim teams, collections of classic corvettes, clowns, horses, marching bands, and of course the Andy Griffith Rerun Watcher's Club (almost all of them handed out candy too...our favorite float was the one that handed out bottled waters).Lunch and games:
After the parade we headed over to Grammy and Grandpa's for a lunch of roasted hot dogs and tons of fixin's followed by a roasted marshmallows dessert. We played some 20 questions with the kids and Grammy had some patriotic and fun little gift bags for the kids which included colorful sunglasses...Josh kept his on most of the day.

The intermission:

We crashed at home for a few hours to regroup and watch The Sound of Music (Emma and Ben: loved it, Josh: kind of really boring (except for the doe-a-deer part), Lydia: MIA).

The dinner and show:

Then the fun day continued as we grabbed our good friends from the ward, the Stoners, and headed up to the Cruze Compound. There we met the Conan and Callys, the Rachel and Terrys, and a family the C&Cs brought (I don't remember their names, but their one-year-old threw up at the end of the's that for first impressions? Now any time we happen to see them again we'll say, 'Oh yeah, you're Pukey's mom and dad.'). Here we first had a delicious picnic dinner,then started our fireworks fun in the waning twilight. First the snap dragons and smoke bombs:Next came sparklers, then it got dark enough for the heavy artillery. No photos of this portion of the fun except for this one of Lydia enjoying the privilege of staying up way past her bedtime and eating tons of candy.The show was spectacular, but the minor burn injury of one member of the audience (I'll leave the particulars to his parents to tell) due to a rogue firework shooting sideways left us feeling like maybe it's time to hang up our pyrotechnics hat and try something like this next year instead.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Several comments to make:
1)love the parade pix;especially the helicopter
2)now we know why you didn't give us back our chairs---you needed them for your evening on the compound :)
3)We enjoyed having you here for the "roast," etc.
4) love the pix of Lydia eating candy--her "eyes" tell it all!
5) finally--loved your write up of the events---very funny and entertaining

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Yes, one more comment---
6) I loved the diet coke/mentos celebration; think we'll try that next year

Laura Clapp said...

Sounds so fun! haha you make me laugh. especially this part: 'Oh yeah, you're Pukey's mom and dad.' hahahahahaaaaaaa. :) glad you all had a wonderful time!

joelb said...

nice post lori - lydia appears to have gone ferral in that last photo.

mom&dad: now i see what you were talking about with the "not for cooking" charcoal pit - but isn't roasting weenies on it one of those "you know you're a redneck" things? :) can i get a ruling on this?

finocchio68 said...

You could try a homemade volcano instead next year. Or come to SF and watch fireworks from our window...

Kay said...

How can one family have so much fun on the 4th? Your day was jam packed! I loved all your picture's, they say it all.

Julie said...

Thanks for letting us crash your picnic and fireworks party! We had so much fun! We didn't get a picture of it, but my arms were killing me the next day from holding Lydia and Kacie. One in each arm! :) We love getting together with your family though, and the coke experiment is a great idea!

Julie said...

Sorry, should've clarified. That was me, Jessica, not my Mom!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I'm not sure, but I think rednecks would probably use old funiture stacked in a pile and roast over that. Perhaps it's city slickers that would use the firepit--you know--the steal firepit on rock. Hmmmm. I can picture one of these fire pits on the 39th floor of a Manhattan apartment.