Friday, July 24, 2009


Pioneer babies are extra cute.


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

What an absolutely DARLING way to celebrate Pioneer Day (24th)! Where's Emma's bonnet? I want to ride in the same covered wagon as these cuties!

joelb said...

happy pioneer day.

Jeigh said...

Those bonnets are so cute! And your girls are all beautiful.

Chris, Ashley, and Elena said...

Thanks for responding! I was trying to remember the auto-biography titles we used-Good things come in small packages was the only one I could come up with. I still run into Mariell every once in awhile downtown-we frequent magpies first friday free cupcakes and she does too! She has a little boy and Veronica has two little girls, last I saw!

I was curious about how far apart Maeve and Afton are, and it looks like about two weeks. Maeve was due on Christmas, but my water broke in Toys R Us on the Dec. 1 and I had her the next day.

Your kids are adorable. Lydia looks about the age of Elena, who also makes up her own random-train of consciousness-songs. She was born Jan. 07. That's as close as it gets-I don't have an older three!

Tell your sister in law that she needs to teach a class on making dresses without patterns! I have been trying, but not that successfully!

Chris, Ashley, and Elena said...

I forgot the other part of your comment-it is the downtown Market Square market on Saturdays. I sell sandwiches in the section that's in Krutch park-with the other prepared food people, some flowers, and some farmers. We haven't been super regular this summer-two little ones will do that! At the most, we'll be down there weekends through the 22nd of August. I do frequent the Harvest Park market, though-it's only about 6 minutes from my house and I can bribe Leni with the water park.

Laura Clapp said...

how cute. Now, tell me. Did the pioneer babies sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and waaaaaalked?

I think they probably did. Especially Miss Lydia. :)

Julie said...

Too cute!