Friday, July 17, 2009

Telling footage

This video clip demonstrates a number of things:

1. Emma's proficiency on the recorder (thank you very much, third grade music teacher)

2. Afton's amusement when Emma plays (she usually laughs longer than this clip, actually)

3. Afton can sit up

4. Afton can crawl

5. Josh likes to bounce around

6. Not many people around here see a need for getting dressed


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

About the clothes: it's one way to beat the heat. Where was Ben? I'm impressed with all four of these cuties.

Yo Mamma said...

I'm glad to know that there is another family bordering on nudist colony status. My kids actually repel clothing. I feel like I am constantly saying, "Go get some clothes on." Also, I love the recorder. Emma sure does know how to play!

brad said...

so cute, on all levels. these kids know how to party!

lisa said...

I love Josh just being Josh and bouncing into the scene!

Chris, Ashley, and Elena said...

Hey Lori-
This is really random, but I realized today that I've followed your sister in law's blog (I"m guessing...)for quite awhile, and I saw that she took her kids to the zoo which looked lots like MY zoo...making me look back and realize that she lives in Knoxville. I thought I'd look to see if I knew her since I know some other Cruzes, and though it wasn't the ones I thought, it led me to your blog! Fun. I guess you've had a new baby since I saw you last-we have too! Anyway, thought I'd send you a link to our blog too, since I'm sure I'll be checking in on yours on occasion! it's And, tell your sister in law that she has highly inspired me to sew something with prettier fabrics instead of just smocked stuff! Good to see you're doing well! ashley sprinkle-tappan

joelb said...

nice move by josh near the end there - proactive.