Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the van

Lydia likes to make up songs. Often when we're in the van she can be heard singing about various topics on her mind (like, "My best friend Maya moved to Arizona" or "I'm shy of Brad but that's okay"). For a long time I've wanted to capture one of these ballads before she loses the habit. Finally on the 4th of July I: a) had the camera with me and b) was not driving and c) remembered. This is a snippet of her musical contemplation of the parade we were on our way to. Usually her songs are longer (like a five minute long run-on sentence) and kind of flow between topics, but she was in more of a la-la-la mood this day. So this clip is not actually the most accurate representation of her normal car songs, but I wanted to document at least something, since I may never catch it again.


I thought it would be nice to include also another common/favorite van occurance. Josh always begs to hear Pork and Beans by Weezer over and over again while we're driving. I usually say, "Okay, but only if you rock out."



Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I'm sold. Are these kids the next Osmond's or Jackson Five? The Beatles of the 2000's? I think you've got real talent there! And we all need a song writer in the family---just ask David and Allen.

Jenica said...

life in song, love it, and great backup vocals from Afton

finocchio68 said...

It's good to see those kids are being exposed to some good music.

Julie said...

So funny! Lydia is the best!

cally said...

She is seriously talented.

Contact Disney...I'm thinking stardom. Start her young. And maybe she could get us tickets to JOnas.

brad said...

I call josh's dance move the "fetal position rock"