Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good kids

Not just good. Great. Phenomenal. Exceptional. I'm so proud these kids are ours.
Case in point: doughnuts for A's. Luckily I was reminded that Krispy Kreme offers free doughnuts to students who bring in their report cards and show off their good grades. Our three students each volunteered to share with us three non-students too. Yummy.
Case in point the second: Character Counts. Our school (along with the whole county? I'm not actually sure) has this deal going where they have eight pillars of character that they focus on throughout the year--two for each grading period. For the first grading period (the one that ended with these doughnuts) the two pillars were "Responsibility" and "Trustworthiness." Every teacher chooses one girl and one boy in their class to recognize for outstanding achievement in each of these areas. (Emma and Ben have both been picked for one pillar or another every year so far. That's right, they're awesome.)
Josh was the first one home from school on report card day. While he had a snack I looked through his school folder and read the newsletter. They had listed all the students who had won the awards. I skimmed the Responsibility winners in our grades and noticed a few names of kids I know. That's nice, good for them. Then, be still my heart. I looked at the Trustworthiness winners and found the name Cruze three times. These kids are so good and I love them so much and I surely don't deserve them.

But I tell you what, I trust them.


Laura said...

he he he.I knew it! It was only a matter of time until the "amazing kids" awards start rolling in. Your kids are awesome. It's true.

lisa said...

They are so responsible they chose to eat their messy donuts outside!

joelb said...

lisa, don't you mean they are so *trustworthy* they chose to eat outside?

julie said...

so I guess none of your kids are responsible, too bad. Really, congrats Cruze kids!!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I "trust" those kids to be "responsible." I also teared up when I read this---even our little Josh-y receives an award. So proud of them!

tiff said...

That is really dear, Lori.

And Krispy Kreme. I thank YOU (Lori) for helping me to love those balls of dough so much. Also for helping me to get through college with a 6 month old baby in tow.

You're awesome.

Alice Wills Gold said...

can we trust them to share some donuts...we all have to buy bella's from her.

Our kids like to work on the enterpreneural (i totally just spelled that wrong) pillar of "we are the children of a sleezy lawyer"!

Julie said...

Oh yes. The Cruze kids are totally trustworthy and responsible. And sweet and obedient and loving and honest and dependable and accountable and considerate and polite and patient and entertaining and helpful and talented and very, very special. There are not enough words to describe your awesome kids! I sure hope I'll be lucky enough to be blessed with a great bunch like them someday. Of course, I know they've learned from the best. :)