Monday, November 16, 2009

What Lydia has been saying lately:

Sometimes as part of the sentence. ("I am totally wearing my pink skirt today.")
Sometimes as an afterthought. ("I love this drawing.......totally.")

And then there's her favorite joke.
"Mom, can you look under there for me?"
"Under where?"
"You said underwear!!" *hysterical laughter*
This whole bit is repeated over and over until I crack...usually four or five times. Once I decided I would outlast her. I would keep going until she got tired of it. Big mistake. It was an exercise in futility. After a full five minutes (that doesn't seem like very long, but seriously get a stopwatch and tell this joke over and over without a single pause for a full five's an eternity) I finally cried uncle.

Then just this morning she was sitting on the couch and as I passed by she called out, "Mom! Hurry! Get on the couch! You're standing in the lava-poop!"


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Wow. That Lydia girl has talent. That's just what we need--more comedians in the family. :) I'm still laughing from just reading the post. Go Lydia! So funny.

lisa said...

I totally love Lydia.

Brad said...

Andrew has started calling sam "super pooper", creating a superhero with specific superpowers (use your imagination...) I'll have to tell him about lava poop!

Julie said...

Lydia never fails to make my day. :)

Troy said...

Where does that girl get her juvenile sense of humor?

Alice Wills Gold said...

lava's not just any'll burn your foot off.

She had to have learned that from the brothers.