Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trunk or Treat

The Wednesday before Halloween we always have a fun trunk-or-treat at church. This year was enhanced with a chili cook-off dinner...Scott got to be a judge.
As we've discussed, the coolest families always dress up together with a theme. Luckily, this truth has been solidified in our children's young, impressionable minds. This year the idea of Mario Kart characters was tossed around, but after considering the difficulty of costumes (beyond Mario and Luigi) and the fact that most people probably wouldn't know who Baby Daisy and Dry Bones were, the kids decided very enthusiastically on Harry Potter characters.
Handy reference guide:
Lori = Prof. Trelawny
Josh = Ron
Ben = Harry
Lydia = Dobby (before his freedom)
Emma = Hermione
Scott = Prof. Snape
Afton =Golden Snitch
I loved this theme because most of what we used we had around the house or we borrowed. The only two real projects were fashioning some Dobby-ears from an old headband and some felt and sewing up a quick Snape-robe. A big shout-out and thanks goes to the Sextons for loaning us their Harry Potter costume (we divided up the robe, scarf and hat among our three Hogwarts students) and to Cally's sister, Cassy, who invented and created the snitch costume for her daughter last year then was so kind as to let Afton wear it this year.
We turned our van into Gryffindor Hall:

We drank spooky lemonade:
We found another Hermione (many years ago these two were both Cinderella):
And the kids wound up the evening in their friends' trunk eating their bounty:
Lydia was very enthusiastic about being Dobby even though she had no idea who he was:


lisa said...

You guys look great! I'll have to show you a picture of the Becker's dressed up as Harry Potter too. I love that Lydia had no problem being something she didn't even know about....such a good girl.

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

LOVED the pictures!! What a talented family! So creative. Joel, take special note of how to do a real "trunk or treat." I mean, the decorating the trunk. This picture is a perfect example of what I was saying about the idea that trunks need to be decorated. Maybe next year you and Jenica can set the bar high with a totally cool decorated trunk. :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

i always look forward to the halloween update. so fun. for next year, tell the bishop that he should dress up like the good hero not the one who only helped harry out of desperation and mingled with death eaters. :) sheesh...we know who were gonna blame when the ym go astray. he he

cally said...


Troy said...

But I thought Ben was a vampire and Emma was a bat?? What? Those Cruze kids are able to do TWO characters in one Halloween?? Amazing!

Kammy T said...

Definitely the best Harry Potter family I've seen! Your costumes are great and your kids are cute. In case Mario Kart wins next year I've got a Luigi hat and overalls you could borrow!

andrea said...

I love your theme! You guys look great!

joelb said...

btw, our kids were very impressed with this ensemble. nice work.

Kacy said...