Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The lighting of the house

Because I love Scott more than I love the conventional logic which states Christmas decorations should be kept at bay until after Thanksgiving has been given its proper opportunity to shine as a holiday worth celebrating. That's why the outdoor lights went up two weeks ago.
It was also handy that we were having unseasonably wonderful, warm weather. Even once the sun went down we were comfortable outdoors in our short sleeves.
While Scott did most (all) of the actual work involved, the rest of us contributed by singing along to the Christmas music playing on the ipod, experimenting with slow shutter speeds, and having a series of ninja battles in the front yard (see unrecognizable blurs near the bottom of the post). I've never had so much fun putting up Christmas lights, in November or otherwise.





The Borden Family said...

Yeah, hooray! Very nice job.

Laura said...

So pretty!!! I'm always too lazy to put up lights outside other than on the porch where I can easily reach. I can't wait to decorate inside though. Kase makes me wait until after Thanksgiving. I am going to go brag to him that you guys put up lights already. If the Cruze's do it. I think we should too!!!! That's my motto.

julie said...

wow!!! looks great!! is this the first time you have put up lights? Or the first time for so many?

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving----err, I mean Christmas. :) It looks great! Looks like one of those ads that sells Christmas lights. Perfect!

joelb said...

happy easter!

Brad said...

Nothing says pre-thanksgiving Christmas like a series of Ninja battles in the front yard!