Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Or how I learned to stop worrying and admit to getting old.

I have absolutely no idea how to text (nor am I totally won over to its value).

I can't stay up all night.

I like to keep my hair short.

The music that kids listen to these days...I don't get it.

I refer to teenagers as 'kids.'

I'm starting to think I really need make-up.

I'm tired. (Or maybe just pregnant...whichever...)


JULIE said...

I enjoyed your confessions, makes me think of my own...hmm. I am going to teach you how to text...it actually quite handy. c u later!

DailyFamily said...

oh-oh...I guess that means I'm old too because I agree with every single statement.

DailyFamily said...

although my hair has never been as short as yours. :) (It looks cuter on you!)

andrea said...

I have gray hairs... a lot of them.

finocchio68 said...

Just have the kids teach you how to text! Julie is right-- It really is useful-- you'll love it.

Ryan said...

Well, I'm with you on the texting. And the makeup. And everything else! Kids these days . . . mumble mumble :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

I'm totally old and proud of it.

Joel said...

you're not old lori, you're a wee baby still wet behind the ears!

you refer to teenagers as kids?

that's how i refer to school teachers, electricians, and dentists!

"hang on kid, i need to spit"