Friday, September 12, 2008

Ooo ooo, haaa haaa!

Did you hear something? Is there a primate in my kitchen?

+ = Trouble

Lydia and I share a love of this wonderful entire column of kitchen drawers. I love them because kitchens never have enough drawers and I think every house ought to have a column or two. I find them very handy and very useful. Lydia finds them useful too. But not for storage and efficiency, oh no.
I suppose it's my own fault. Monkey Girl's new favorite climbing spot came about because I usually sit the kids on the counter when they need a bandaid (which, as I've mentioned, is often). It's a good place to bleed, get cleaned up and get bandaged. Lydia is wise to this loophole in the otherwise strict stay-off-the-counters mandate. Now several times a day she creases her brow and nods her head persuasively while explaining, "I need a bandaid on my ouchie. I bleeeeeeding." She keeps up her nods (reassuring me that it's necessary and no big deal and willing me to just let it go) while maintaining eye contact and making her way over to her drawer-ladder. Other times I simply find her counter-top waiting, ready with her false excuses for being up there.


Nanette said...

I love drawers! Our new place didn't have nearly enough, so I bought a plastic drawer set thingy from Target to put in a cupboard so I could have more drawers!

andrea said...

She's too cute!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah, and when you pull out that camera and say "Say cheese" it has a real discouraging effect for next time :)

She is so cute.

And, I want your drawers!