Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Line Upon Line Cards

My friend Alyssa recently posted about these awesomely hilarious cards. I liked them so much I wanted to talk about them too. They have that great inside-joke humor (for my LDS friends, anyway) that is so precious. And look at the design! Sharp.
Head on over to Line Upon Line cards and be sure to scroll all the way down and read them all, it's worth it. Bonus: they're on board with the Nie Nie fund.


Barnes Family said...

lori those were the funniest cards ive ever seen! as i read them i thought i want that one, and that one and that one and that one. so cute

DailyFamily said...

ditto. I love those. How do you find all these things??

cally said...

I LOVE these! So cool.

And & da boyz said...

Hey--I hopped over from Cally. And just so you know, she indoctrinated me to tell you that I like the name Afton.

But guess what sneaky secret she doesn't know?

I really do! Really. Have you heard the version of "Sweet Afton" by Nickel Creek? LOVE. And love the name. Good luck--and thanks for the scoop on the cards--hilare!

tiff said...