Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scott vs. The Fly

Poor creature never had a chance.

Fly-swatters are for sissies. This trick is a big crowd-pleaser with the kids. What could be cooler than a dad who kills flies with his superior speed, strength and mercilessness? Nothing.


Mom said...

OK, Lori---now I want you to film Scott actually in the act of catching that poor little ole fly.

JULIE said...

ok, are you actually ON the beach as you are blogging?

Alice Wills Gold said...

Watch out...LG is crossing the family room just to see the magic.

So funny!

brad said...

entertaining AND kind of disturbing! Love how scott says "all right!" at the end in a sort of "that's that" cheery finality

cally said...

uh...conan can do that.

i'm happy that scott was such a happy bloggy participant.

show off.