Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Girl Name Overhaul

Scott and I went to the temple Saturday (which was great, thanks for keeping the kids, Stoners!). We used the long drive time to really get serious talking about baby names. As you can see, we really cut it down and threw in a couple of new contenders. I don't know what it is about the letter just begins most of the prettiest names I guess.

Abigail: Because it's pretty and old fashioned. Also, we like Abby as a nickname. It's Biblical, which is nice, and we particularly like the role she plays in the story of forgiveness/intercession in 1 Samuel 25.

Afton: It all started in Scotland in 1791 when Robert Burns wrote the love poem Afton Water, where he entreats the River Afton and various sounds of nature around it to keep their peace because his sweetheart is sleeping by the banks. 209 years later one of our favorite bands, Nickel Creek, made it into a beautiful song. It's always been Scott's favorite by NC. Even though it was written as a love song/poem, he has always related it to our Emma and his feelings of paternal love and protection for her. (Seriously, listen to the words and imagine a father singing that to his daughter, it makes me all weepy every time.) In the poem, the girl's name is Mary and the river is Afton, but we just like Afton better.

Analyn: This was a suggestion from Jenica that we shelved initially, but it grew on us. And Lyn is Scott's middle name, so that's a bonus.

Elizabeth: Pretty and old fashioned. We both just like it, but still fear the nicknames. Can we possibly extend our parental control to all the people who ever meet her throughout her life and insist they only call her by her full name??


Anonymous said...

I like the new short list of baby names. My favorite is still Afton. Probably because of the sentimentalality that goes with it. Also, don't worry about nicknames. Elizabeth will be fine. Her friends will call her what "she" wants,(as in Russell being called Russ by his friends)and her family will always call her Elizabeth.
New name ideas: Bella, Ella, Kiley, or Grace???? :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

O.k....Lori, you really are doing yourself a huge disservice here...if it weren't for me seeking other people's opinions, I would have a Lucy and not a Bella.

I almost don't want to give my opinion because I want you to choose what you like...and it is sounding like you are biased towards one that I don't like so much.

I will tell you this though....they will be shortened....We insisted that Abigail stay Abigail, but she is called both Abigail and Abbie..

Sophia HATES Sophie, but people still call her that.

And Isabella...well, she herself only wants to be called Bella.

Go figure.

Alice Wills Gold said...

oh, and what happened to Alice??

a not so desperate housewife said...

i loooooooooooooooooooove's one of my favorite names, but jon's not a fan :). very old fashioned and beauuuuutiful!

Erica said...

Hi Lori! I've enjoyed your blog. I thought I would give my input on the name...I love Abigail. Aaron's sister is Abby so we couldn't use it. Good luck trying to figure out a name. That's always the hardest thing for me.

DailyFamily said...

I know I don't get a vote, but I'll join the ranks and add my two cents worth. I love Analyn! I like the sound of it and its not very common. That said-all the other names are pretty too.

As for nick names...things just come up. My 2 youngest seriously think "Bug" and "Boo" are real parts of their name.

We always thought we'd call Talitha Tali, but only ever ended up calling her Tal. But her best friends (and her PE teacher) all call her Tali now. Who knew?

JULIE said...

thanks to your post, I am now listening to Sweet Afton. Thanks, it's been awhile. I love the names. I know you will pick the best one for your little girl.

andrea said...

I think they are all great! And I totally agree about the letter A. hehe

Kammy said...

It's me again. My friend has boys named Ben and Josh about your boys' ages, and so when she was having a baby girl a little after Lydia was born I told her she should do Lydia...but she named her baby Abagail, and we all call her Abby. Isn't it funny how some names kind of have the same family feel? Good luck picking a name. It is always so hard for me.

Allen said...

If Scott is going to get "all weepy" every time he calls his daughter, you need to scrap Afton. He can't afford any man-point losses. Otherwise, it is my favorite. Whatever you go with, I am excited to meet Abba, Aftie, Naly OR Liza.

cally said...

Afton Afton Afton Afton Afton.


chantal said...

I have a friend with a little girl named Peaches. Yes, peaches. I didnt like it at first but it grew on me and now i love it. I keep saying Afton over and over to see if I like it. I have not heard that name before. If you love it you should definitely use it. I love the name Elizabeth. I think it fits better with your other kids names too. I do love the letter A. What about Alyssa,or Allison, or Aubrey, or Ailyn ( my cousins name),or Amanda? All beautiful girl names.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to sit this out. After once hearing a sibling's short list of names for a baby-on-the-way, I made the mistake of saying.. " '____' sounds too _____ ." And of course, that is the name that got chosen and that s/he still goes by.

[you will have to wonder who that is ... hmmm?]

I will say that if the radiologist was wrong and you get a boy, Niel or Chris are nice names.