Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been questioned a few times lately about posting. It goes something like this: How the heck do you have time to blog so many days in a row? [You know, not that I always do, but just on those occasions when I have happened to blog a lot.]
Let's make sure this point is very clear: I don't.
I usually just sit down when I'm in a good bloggy-mood and I've got sleeping-kids time to burn(maybe once a week or so) and write up a whole batch of posts and just schedule them all out so just one appears per day till I'm out of bloggy-material. It's more fun to read one a day than five in one day, don't you think?
The end of blogging about blogging.


cally said...

me too/

Cardell Family said...

Oooo, sneaky! And a really good idea. Thanks!

joelb said...

so what day is the afton post you've already assembled going to post? (hint hint hint hint hint)