Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello sunshine

I've missed you. I'm so pleased you decided to come join us last weekend. You were so pleasant. (Please come again soon, you didn't stay long enough.) We weren't even chilly basking in your rays sans jackets (it was a nice touch that you brought the temperature well above freezing). Josh had a chance to try out his "really skateboarding" pose.

My favorite part was the opportunity you afforded Afton to try walking on uneven ground. She's not used to tramping over anything but man-made, level terrain, and it was great fun to watch her stumble down the grassy hills again and again.

Joey was with us on the first bright day of the weekend and he and Lydia made the most of it. They dug through a bag of pool/beach gear and made good use of it (although Joey became extremely preoccupied with trying to keep one leaky floaty inflated).

[Still staring at the floaty.]


cally said...

Oh so fun! I love the sun. Okay I'm done.

I'm a poet.

lisa said...

Such cute pictures Lori. We want more sun!!

Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

These pictures just crack me up! I keep looking at them over and over---lol. So cute!! Don't kids truly know how to enjoy the sun?!

Kay said...

I love Lydia's originality! I wish we had some sunshine like that in Utah.