Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sundays = Forts and Houses

I love Sunday. It's the day when we dispense with all errands, laundry, and homework. It's the day when everyone knows the tv and wii are out of the picture so they don't even ask. It's the day when the kids create their own little community upstairs and they don't have to clean it up until Monday.

Behold: the animal swimming pool in the girls' room (dive on in):
The dormitory in the boy's room:
In the bonus room, each of the three big kids made an elaborate home for their stuffed animals.
Emma's bird's house:
Josh's Kirby's house:
Ben's idog's house:
(I never had a chance to ask him what is what, so you'll have to make your best guesses)


Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

I LOVE this creativity. So wonderful. So "old-fashioned." In Ben's idog's house I can see a TV, couch, tub, and kitchen, and I think I know where the bed is.

Julie said...

This makes me miss being younger! (Secretly though, I could still set up a dollhouse for hours.) Sshh... don't tell! :)